The Student's Mythology A Compendium of Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Assyrian, Persian, Hindoo, Chinese, Thibetian, Scandinavian, Celtic, Aztec, and Peruvian Mythologies

Page: 64

Page 270 contains the following paragraph: "The superstitious observances which are still practised on November, or All Hallow Eve, in Ireland, Scotland, and some parts of England, are of pagan origin, and seem to be relics of this festival." There seems to be a specific day missing from the reference to November, presumably 'first,' although All Hallow Eve is generally regarded as being October 31st, with November 1st being All Hallow, or All Saints Day. As it is uncertain what precisely the author was referencing, the text is preserved as printed.

The following amendments have been made to give consistency in the table of contents or index with the main text:

Page 7—Cœculus amended to Cæculus—"... Cacus—Cæculus ..."

Page 7—Megalecia amended to Megalesia—"... Festival of Megalesia ..."

Page 11—Ashtaroth amended to Astaroth—"... Astaroth or Astarte ..."

Page 13—Bealtime amended to Beal-Tinne—"... Beltane or Beal-Tinne ..."

Page 13—Tetzcatlipoca amended to Tezcatlipoca—"... Victims offered annually to Tezcatlipoca ..."

Page 309—Ashtaroth amended to Astaroth—"Astaroth, Astarte, 216."

Page 309—Athropos amended to Atropos—"Atropos, 101."

Page 313—Megalecia amended to Megalesia—"Megalesia, 73."

Page 313—Athenæ amended to Athena—"Minerva, Pallas Athena, 27, ..."

Page 315—Vyassa amended to Vyasa—"Vyasa, 221."

The following typographic errors have been corrected:

Page 31—presumptious amended to presumptuous—"The god was not content with defeating the presumptuous musician, ..."

Page 40—personfication amended to personification—"He seems to be the personification of drunkenness; ..."

Page 40—where amended to were—"What feasts were held in his honor?"

Page 46—determed amended to determined—"... they determined, therefore, to steal the Palladium."

Page 47—because amended to Because—"Ans. Because this bird sees in the dark; ..."

Page 64—were amended to where—"... where he manufactured Jupiter’s thunderbolts, ..."

Page 67—be- amended to before—"... he was enabled to foretell storms a long time before they happened; ..."

Page 91—refuse amended to refused—"... but refused to listen to his addresses."

Page 91—repeated 'a' deleted—"... and was immediately dissolved into a fountain."

Page 98—shipwreek amended to shipwreck—"He was supposed to have power in saving vessels from shipwreck, ..."

Page 106—Hæman amended to Hæmon—"At length Hæmon, son of Creon, ..."

Page 203—Iybcus amended to Ibycus—"... the fate of Ibycus being still on every tongue."

Page 213—of amended to or—"Where was the Sun worshipped under the name of Baal or Bel ..."

Page 260—excuted amended to executed—"... executed a statue of Teu´tates ..."

Page 271—ef amended to of—"... extensive groups of menhirs occur, ..."

Page 280—mearsures amended to measures—"It measures 176 feet in perpendicular height, ..."

Page 302—repect amended to respect—"... to prove that his reputation in this respect was well deserved."

Alphabetic links have been added to the index for ease of navigation.

The following amendments were made to the index:

Page 312—there were two entries for Iphitus (one referencing p. 192 and incorrectly located before the entry for Ino). The two have been merged into a single entry in the correct place.

Page 312—Japetus amended to Iapetus, and entry moved to correct place in index—"Iapetus, 123."

Page 312—Lucothea amended to Leucothea—"Leucothea, 98."

Page 315—page reference for Virgins of the Sun entry added—"Virgins of the Sun, 290-1."