Pisces Zodiac Sign - Character traits

Pisces, the fish, is the 12th sign in the Zodiac and represents those born between Feb. 20 and March 20.

Pisces in Mythology

Pisces is the fish in Greek mythology. In this story, Aphrodite and Eros were walking along the Euphrates River when Typhon appeared. They were terrified, and unable to run from him due to his great size and power. So they called upon Zeus for help, asking him to turn them into fish so that they could escape into the river. Zeus obliged, and turned them both into fish. They then jumped into the river and were able to swim away from Typhon, to safety.

Pisces is a symbol of transformation, due to their ability to change form in order to survive

The constellation of Pisces

Athena placed the fish among the stars and they became the constellation of Pisces.

The constellation Pisces is one of the oldest known constellations depicted by humans. It has been referenced in ancient Assyrian cuneiform tablets as well as early Chinese texts and ancient Babylonian writings. The constellation is depicted in these ancient texts as two fish held together by a cord. In modern times, it is represented by two fishes swimming around each other with their tails tied to a ribbon.

Pisces in Astrology

Pisces Ruling Planet and Sign

Pisces ruling planet is Neptune which governs creativity, dreams, and intuition. Pisces is a water sign and are often very creative people, and their vivid imaginations allow them to come up with unique ideas and solutions.

Pisces Personality and Character traits

Pisces are known for their compassionate and selfless personality traits. They are also very intuitive and have a strong connection to the spiritual world.

Overall, Pisces are gentle and kind individuals who often take on the role of caretakers for others. They are always willing to lend a helping hand, and they often go out of their way to make sure that everyone around them is happy and comfortable. Pisces truly believe that we are all connected, and they strive to live in harmony with others.

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