Jord: The Norse Goddess of the Earth

Who is Jord?

Jord is the goddess of the earth in Norse mythology. She is also known as Fjorgyn, Hlodyn, or Jorth. She is the personification of the wilderness and the primitive earth, and the source of life and fertility. She is the wife of Odin, the chief of the gods, and the mother of Thor, the god of thunder. She is also the daughter of Annar, the god of the sky, and Nott, the goddess of the night.

What are Jord’s attributes?

Jord is a silent and mysterious goddess, who rarely appears in the myths. She is often depicted as a beautiful woman with green hair and eyes, wearing a dress of flowers and leaves. She is associated with the seasons, the cycles of nature, and the elements of earth and water. She is also connected to the runes, the ancient symbols of magic and wisdom. She is revered by the farmers, the healers, and the seers, who seek her blessings and guidance.

What are Jord’s adventures?

Jord has few adventures in Norse mythology, as she is mostly a passive and background figure. However, she plays a crucial role in the creation of the world, as she is the mother of the first living beings, the dwarves, who emerged from her body. She also gives birth to Thor, the most powerful and popular of the gods, who inherits her strength and vitality. She is also involved in the final battle of Ragnarok, the doom of the gods, where she is swallowed by the fire giant Surt, who sets the world ablaze.

Why is Jord important?

Jord is important because she represents the essence and the origin of the world, the earth itself. She is the foundation of all life and the source of all nourishment. She is also the mother of the most beloved and revered of the gods, Thor, who protects and defends her from the enemies. She is a symbol of the natural and the primal, the ancient and the eternal, the sacred and the hidden.

Jord Q&A

Who was Jord?

Who is Jord? Jord is the goddess of the earth in Norse mythology.

What did Jord rule over?

Jord ruled over the earth.

Where did Jord live?

Jord's home was Midgard.

Who were brothers and sisters of Jord?

Jord had 3 siblings: Aud, Dag and Jarnsaxa.

Who was the consort of Jord?

Jord's consort was Odin.

How many children did Jord have?

Jord had 1 child Thor.