Bragi :: The Norse God of Poetry and Eloquence

Who is Bragi?

Bragi is a god in Norse mythology, who is the master of poetry, eloquence, and wisdom. He is the son of Odin, the chief of the gods, and possibly the giantess Gunnlod, who guarded the mead of poetry. He is the husband of Idun, the goddess of youth and spring, who provides him and the other gods with the magic apples of immortality. His name means “poet” in Old Norse, and he is also the origin of the word “brag”, meaning to boast or praise.

What are Bragi’s powers and attributes?

Bragi is the skaldic poet of the Aesir, the main tribe of gods. He has the power to create and recite beautiful and inspiring poems, songs, and stories, which he often performs at the court of Odin. He is also a wise and learned figure, who knows the history and lore of the nine worlds. He is often depicted with a long beard, a harp, and runes carved on his tongue, which symbolize his skill and knowledge of poetry.

What are Bragi’s myths and stories?

Bragi has several myths and stories in Norse mythology. One of them is the story of how he met his wife Idun. According to one version, he was traveling in the land of the giants, when he heard a beautiful voice singing. He followed the sound and found Idun, who was the daughter of a giant. He was enchanted by her beauty and her voice, and asked her to marry him. She agreed, and he took her to Asgard, where she became the goddess of youth and spring. Another story is the story of how he welcomed the hero Hermod to Valhalla, the hall of the slain warriors. He greeted him with a poem, praising his bravery and deeds, and invited him to join the feast of the gods. He also told him the stories of the other heroes who had died in battle and were honored in Valhalla.

What is Bragi’s role in Ragnarok?

Bragi is one of the gods who will die in Ragnarok, the doom of the gods. He will be killed by the fire giant Surt, who will set fire to the world and burn everything to ashes. Bragi will not fight in the final battle, but will instead sing and play his harp, honoring the fallen gods and heroes with his poetry. He will also comfort his wife Idun, who will survive the destruction and join the new generation of gods in the new world.

Bragi Q&A

Who was Bragi?

Who is Bragi? Bragi is a god in Norse mythology, who is the master of poetry, eloquence, and wisdom.

What did Bragi rule over?

Bragi ruled over the Poetry, the eloquence and the and wisdom.

Where did Bragi live?

Bragi's home was Asgard.

Who were the parents of Bragi?

The parent of Bragi was Odin.

Who were brothers and sisters of Bragi?

Bragi had 1 siblings: Thor.

Who was the consort of Bragi?

Bragi's consort was Idun.

Which were the symbols of Bragi?

Bragi's symbols were the A harp and the runes carved on his tongue.