Bor: The Norse God of the First Generation

Who is Bor?

Bor is a Norse god who belongs to the first generation of gods, before the world was created. He is the son of Buri, the first god who emerged from the ice, and the father of Odin, the king of the gods, and his brothers Vili and Ve. He married Bestla, a giantess who was the daughter of Bolthorn, a powerful frost giant. Bor and Bestla are the ancestors of the Aesir, the main group of gods in Norse mythology.

What is Bor’s role in Norse mythology?

Bor is not a prominent figure in Norse mythology, but he plays an important role as the bridge between the gods and the giants, two opposing forces in the Norse cosmology. He is also the one who passed on the divine spark to his sons, who became the creators of the world and the rulers of the nine realms. Bor is mentioned in the Poetic Edda, a collection of ancient Norse poems, and the Prose Edda, a medieval Icelandic manual of Norse mythology.

How is Bor depicted in Norse art and literature?

Bor is rarely depicted in Norse art and literature, as he is overshadowed by his more famous son Odin and other gods and goddesses. However, some sources suggest that he was a god in the shape of a human, while others depict him as a giant. He may have been associated with the element of fire, as he was the son of Buri, who was licked out of the ice by the cow Audhumla. He may have also been worshipped as a god of creation, life, and ancestry by some people.

Why is Bor important for modern readers?

Bor is important for modern readers because he represents the origin of the Norse gods and the connection between the gods and the giants, two races that have a complex and often hostile relationship in Norse mythology. He also shows that the gods are not perfect or eternal, but have a beginning and an end, as Bor was born from Buri and died in the great battle of Ragnarok, the doom of the gods. He is a god who can inspire us to appreciate our roots, to create new things, and to face our challenges.

Bor Q&A

Who was Bor?

Who is Bor? Bor is a Norse god who belongs to the first generation of gods, before the world was created.

Who was the consort of Bor?

Bor's consort was Bestia.

How many children did Bor have?

Bor had 3 children: Odin, Vili and Ve.