Bestla: The Norse Goddess of the Frost Giants

Who is Bestla?

Bestla is a Norse goddess who belongs to the race of the frost giants, also known as the Jotnar. She is the daughter of Bolthorn, a powerful giant, and the sister of Mimir, the wise god of the well. She is also the mother of Odin, the king of the gods, and his brothers Vili and Ve. She married Bor, the son of Buri, the first god created by the cow Audhumla.

What is Bestla’s role in Norse mythology?

Bestla is not a prominent figure in Norse mythology, but she plays an important role as the ancestor of the Aesir, the main group of gods. She is also one of the few giants who are friendly to the gods, unlike most of her kin who are enemies of the Aesir. She helped her son Odin and his brothers to overthrow their grandfather Ymir, the first giant, and to create the world from his body parts. She also gave Odin the gift of wisdom by allowing him to drink from Mimir’s well, which cost him one of his eyes.

How is Bestla depicted in Norse art and literature?

Bestla is rarely depicted in Norse art and literature, as she is overshadowed by her more famous son Odin and other gods and goddesses. However, some sources suggest that she was a beautiful and noble woman, with fair hair and blue eyes. She was also associated with the birch tree, which is a symbol of fertility and new beginnings in Norse culture. She may have been worshipped as a goddess of nature, growth, and motherhood by some people.

Why is Bestla important for modern readers?

Bestla is important for modern readers because she represents the connection between the gods and the giants, two opposing forces in Norse mythology. She also shows that not all giants are evil or hostile to the gods, and that some of them can be allies or even family members. She also exemplifies the qualities of wisdom, courage, and generosity, which are valued in Norse society. She is a goddess who can inspire us to seek knowledge, to overcome challenges, and to nurture life.

Bestla Q&A

Who was Bestla?

Who is Bestla? Bestla is a Norse goddess who belongs to the race of the frost giants, also known as the Jotnar.

Who were brothers and sisters of Bestla?

Bestla had 1 siblings: Mimir.

Who was the consort of Bestla?

Bestla's consort was Bor.

How many children did Bestla have?

Bestla had 3 children: Odin, Vili and Ve.

Which were the symbols of Bestla?

Bestla's symbols were the Birch tree and the a symbol of fertility and new beginnings.

Which were the sacred plants of Bestla?

Bestla's sacred plants were the Birch tree.