Skadi :: The Norse Goddess of Winter and Hunting

Who is Skadi?

Skadi is a goddess in Norse mythology, who is associated with bowhunting, skiing, winter, and mountains. She is also known as the snowshoe goddess, the ski god, and the ski dís. She rules over the wildernesses, the cold, the justice, and the independence. She is the daughter of the giant Thiazi, who was killed by the gods for stealing the apples of Idun. She is the former wife of the god Njord, and the current wife of the god Ullr.

What are Skadi’s powers and attributes?

Skadi is a skilled hunter and archer, who can bring down any prey with her bow and arrows. She is also a master of skiing, and can glide over the snow and ice with ease. She has a strong connection to the winter and the frost, and can control the weather and the seasons. She is also a fierce warrior, who can fight with any weapon and defend herself against any enemy. She is often depicted with a bow, a quiver, a shield, and a pair of skis.

What are Skadi’s myths and stories?

Skadi has several myths and stories in Norse mythology. One of them is the story of how she married Njord, the god of the sea and the wind. Skadi came to Asgard to avenge her father’s death, and demanded a husband from the gods as a compensation. The gods agreed, but only if she chose her husband by looking at his feet. Skadi hoped to marry Balder, the most handsome of the gods, but she ended up choosing Njord, who had the fairest feet. Skadi and Njord tried to live together, but they could not agree on where to stay. Skadi preferred the mountains and the snow, while Njord preferred the sea and the breeze. They decided to spend nine nights in each other’s home, but they were both unhappy and miserable. Skadi eventually left Njord and married Ullr, the god of hunting and skiing, who shared her interests and passions.

What is Skadi’s role in Ragnarok?

Skadi is one of the few gods who will survive Ragnarok, the doom of the gods. She will join the survivors in the new world that will emerge after the destruction of the old one. She will continue to hunt and ski in the renewed earth, and enjoy the freedom and the beauty of nature. She will also be reunited with her father Thiazi, who will be resurrected as an eagle. Skadi will be one of the leaders of the new generation of gods and goddesses, who will honor the memory of the fallen ones.

Skadi Q&A

Who was Skadi?

Who is Skadi? Skadi is a goddess in Norse mythology, who is associated with bowhunting, skiing, winter, and mountains.

What did Skadi rule over?

Skadi ruled over the Winter, the hunting, the skiing, the mountains, the wildernesses, the justice and the and independence.

Where did Skadi live?

Skadi's home was Thrymheim.

Who were the consorts of Skadi?

Skadi's consorts were Njord and Ullr.

Which were the symbols of Skadi?

Skadi's symbols were the A bow, the a quiver and the a shield.

Which were the sacred animals of Skadi?

Skadi's sacred animals were the Wolves, the bears and the and snow leopards.

Which were the sacred plants of Skadi?

Skadi's sacred plants were the Fir, the pine and the and juniper.