Immortals the Movie

Immortals is a fantasy film directed by Tarsem Singh that was originally released in 2011. The cast includes such names as Henry Cavill, Freida Pinto, Mickey Rourke, Luke Evans, Joseph Morgan, Isabel Lucas and John Hurt. It is loosely based on the myths of Theseus and the Minotaur, and the Titanomachy.

The film starts showing the time when there were no humans or animals on the earth, but only the gods ruled in the sky. Two groups of gods fought against each other, and the victors imprisoned the defeated into the Tartarus and renamed them the Titans. During that war, a legendary weapon, the Epirus Bow, was lost somewhere on Earth. Centuries later, Hyperion, king of Heraklion, started a quest to find the bow, with which he planned to release the Titans; he wanted to revenge the gods for not protecting his family. While advancing with his army, Hyperion caught the oracle Phaedra believing she could see where the bow was in her visions, and reached the foot of Mount Tartarus.

Theseus, a young warrior living in a nearby village, was forced to stay behind with his mother Aethra by Athenian soldiers including the soldier Lysander. Theseus managed to repel numerous opponents until the Athenian officer Helios discharged Lysander and saved Theseus and Aethra. Lysander became a turncoat and revealed the village's location to Hyperion, who then attacked the village, killed Aethra and captured Theseus.

Zeus met with the gods Athena, Poseidon, Ares, Apollo, and Heracles, and told them not to meddle in mortal matters, unless the Titans were released. Theseus, helped by Phaedra's visions, managed to escape captivity and decided to follow Hyperion. Soon, though, the group was overwhelmed by Hyperion's forces. Seeing that, the god Poseidon fell into the water causing a tsunami that washed away Hyperion's men. Phaedra had another vision and told Theseus that he should return home to bury his mother.

After burying his mother, Theseus found the Epirus Bow embedded in a rock nearby and retrieved it. He was then attacked by a Minotaur, whom he killed in a labyrinth. The group returned to Phaedra's temple, where they were ambushed, resulting in Theseus losing the bow. Subsequently attacked by Hyperion's army, Ares and Athena helped the heroes escape, but Zeus then angrily confronted and killed Ares for disobeying his orders. The Epirus Bow ended in Hyperion's hands.

Theseus and his companions tried to convince the king of the Hellenes, Cassander, to stop Hyperion's army, but he refused thinking he could negotiate peace. The two armies clashed, while Hyperion used the Epirus Bow to breach the gates of Mount Tartarus and release the Titans. Zeus, Poseidon, Athena, Heracles and Apollo, decided to intervene and battle the Titans, while Theseus confronted Hyperion. During the battle, all gods except Zeus and Poseidon were killed; Theseus then managed to kill Hyperion, while Zeus killed the Titans by collapsing Mount Tartarus on them. Theseus, mortally wounded, was taken to Olympus where he was given a place amongst the gods.

Years later, the son of Theseus and Phaedra, Acamas, met an old man, who said that he would also battle evil in the future. The film ends with Acamas' vision of the future, where a war is waged between gods and Titans, with Theseus being the leader.

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