Lycia was an area located in the region of Anatolia, on the southern coast of Turkey. It played a prominent role in various stories of Greek mythology. One of the most important features of the area was the Letoon, an important centre of worship dedicated to the goddess Leto, and her children, Apollo and Artemis. The Letoon is now included among the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Lycia appears in the texts of Herodotus; Europa had two sons, Sarpedon and Minos, who clashed together for the control of Crete. Minos won and exiled his brother, who ended up in Milyas, the original name of Lycia. Later, Lycus, the son of Pandion II of Athens, also exiled by his brother Aegeus, reached the same region, which took after his name.

The region also appears in the story of Bellerophon, who became the king after Iobates, while it also participated in the Trojan War on the side of the Trojans. Sarpedon and Glaucus were the two most important Lycian leaders in the war.

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