Myths of the Norsemen From the Eddas and Sagas

Page: 205

Uniform with “Myths of the Norsemen”

The Myths of Greece & Rome

Their Stories, Signification, and Origin


With Sixty-four Exquisite Full-page Illustrations, including the best works of Lord Leighton, Sir E. Burne-Jones, Solomon J. Solomon, G. F. Watts, Herbert Draper, Henrietta Rae, Harry Bates, Hon. John Collier, Sir E. J. Poynter, Michael Angelo, Raphael, Rubens, Canova, Guido Reni, Phidias, Bernini, Titian, Velasquez, etc. etc.

Demy 8vo, 8⅝ × 5¾ inches, 416 pp. Letterpress

The Bookman says:—

“This magnificently illustrated volume, for which Messrs. Harrap are to be warmly thanked, is among the most successful of its kind. They are stories which Mr. Guerber has told with grace and charm, and right feeling for the classic periods; they are stories which we have grown to believe can never be told too often. The book is a fitting presentment of such a subject.”

The Nation says:—

“The stories are well told, and the arrangement of the book is admirable. Indeed, we know no other book in which the classical myths are treated with such a combination of accurate scholarship, simplicity, and literary skill.”

The Scotsman says:—

“Mr. Guerber has woven the classic mythology into a coherent history, and told with remarkable freshness of interest the familiar myths and traditions of Greek and Roman literature. The volume is at once a fascinating story-book and a valuable book of reference, and not its least attraction lies in the beautiful illustrations, all of which are reproductions of famous pictures, ancient and modern.”

The Educational News says:—

“This is indeed a glorious book, causing your reviewer to spend more of his time on its pages than he can well afford. We need to know more about the Myths of Greece and Rome ... here is the very book to illumine, and, by its very beauty, to imbue its readers with an appreciation of that gospel of the beautiful which these ancient myths inculcate.”

The Aberdeen Free Press says:—

“There are many books on mythology, but we do not know any quite like the present. It gives in a convenient compass all that the ordinary student need know, and the stories are carefully classified. Mr. Guerber has produced a book which is a delight to mind and eye alike.”