Myths of the Norsemen From the Eddas and Sagas

Page: 193

Cacus (kā′kus). Hrungnir compared to, 352

Caduceus (ka-dū′ce-us). Gambantein compared to, 357

Cain’s Hunt. The Wild Hunt, 26

Calais (kal′ā). Mannigfual passes, 235

Calypso (ka-lip′so). Compared to Holda, 350

Camomile (kam′ō-mīl). Called “Balder’s brow,” 197

Capitoline (cap′i-tol-ine) Hill. Vitellius slain on, 88

Carthage (car′thage). Compared to Seeland, 350

Castor (cas′tor). Compared to Erp, Sörli, and Hamdir, 365

Cattegat (kat′e-gat). Ægir dwells in, 359 [374]

Caucasus (kaw′ka-sus). Loki’s punishment compared to Prometheus’s on the, 361

Celtic (kel′tik). Origin of the language, 342

Cephalus (sef′a-lus). A personification of the sun, 345

Cerberus (sẽr′be-rus). Analogy of Garm and, 359

Ceres (sē′rēz). Compared to Rinda, 345; compared to Frigga, 348; compared to Groa, 352; personification of earth, 360

Ceryneian Stag (ser-i-nē′an). Story of, 344

Changelings. Recipe for riddance of, 244

Chaos (kā′os). World rose from, 2; analogy between Greek and Northern conception of, 344

Chariot. Sun and moon, 7; night and day, 8; Irmin’s, 30; Holda’s, 55; Nerthus’s, 57; Thor’s, 78; Frey’s, 118; Freya’s, 135; comparison between chariots of Greek and Northern gods, 345

Charlemagne (shär′le-mān). Leader of Wild Hunt, 26; Bertha, mother of, 56; Freya’s temple destroyed by, 136; sword of, 179

Charles V. Alva, general of, 89

Charles’s Wain. Same as Great Bear, 30

Charon (kā′ron). Compared to Mōdgud, 359

Charybdis (ka-rib′dis). Northern parallel to, 353

Cheru (kẽr′ū). Same as Tyr, 87; sword of, 87–89; Heimdall same as, 151

Cheruski (ke-rus′kē). The worship of the, 87

Chiron (ki′ron). Compared to Gripir, 363

Christ. Peace of Frodi at birth of, 128

Christianity. Attempts to introduce, 233

Christians. Easter feast, 55; Norsemen in contact with, 340

Christiansoë. Formation of, 236

Christmas. Wild Hunt at, 24; Bertha’s visit at, 57; Yule now called, 128; trolls celebrate, 234

Clio (klī′ō). Same as Saga, 349

Colchis (kol′kis). Argo sails to, 352

Cologne (ko-lōn′). Odin visits, 87

Coronis (ko-rō′nis). Ratatosk compared to crow in story of, 347

Cretan Labyrinth. Compared to Völund’s house, 358

Crete (krēt). Odin’s tomb at Upsala compared to Jupiter’s in, 349

Cyclops (si′klops). Compared to Loki, 354; to Northern dwarfs, 362

Cynthia (sin′thi-ȧ). Mani compared to, 345


Dædalus (dē′dāȧ-lus). Compared to Völund, 358

Dag. Son of Nott, 8; a treacherous Hunding, 264

Dain (dā′in). Stag on Yggdrasil, 13

Danae (dan′ā-ē). Compared to Rinda, 357

Danes. Sacrificing place of, 50; Frey, ruler of, 128; Mysinger slays, 129; Ragnar Lodbrog, king of the, 281

Danish Ballad. Aager and Else a, 184

Danube. Cheru’s sword buried on banks of, 88

Daphne (daf′ne). Northern equivalent, 345

Day. Divisions of, 9; Vafthrudnir’s questions about, 32

December. Uller’s month, 141

Deianeira (dē-i-a-ni′rȧ). Loki’s jealousy compared to that of, 360

Dellinger (del′ling-er). Third husband of Nott, 8

Delphi (del′fi). Compared to Gimli, 361 [375]

Deluge. Ymir’s blood causes, 5; Ragnarok, a version of, 361

Denmark. Odin conquers, 40; Frey in, 128; Freya in, 131; Konur, king of, 153; Norns visit, 169; horn in collection of, 234; Gudrun leaves, 291

Destiny. Compared to Orlog, 347

Deucalion (Dū-kā′li-on) and Pyrrha compared to Lif and Lifthrasir, 361

Diana (di-ä′nȧ). Mani corresponds to, 345; Skadi compared to, 354

Dido (dī′dō). Compared to Gefjon, 350

Dises (dis′ez). Norns same as, 171

Dodona (dō-dō′nȧ). Compared to Upsala, 349

Dolmens. Stone altars called, 86

Donar (dō′när). Same as Thor, 59

Dover. Mannigfual passes, 362

Draupnir (droup′nir). Odin’s ring called, 17; Sindri and Brock make, 66; Odin receives, 67; Skirnir offers Gerda, 120; laid on Balder’s pyre, 206; Balder sends Odin, 211; emblem of fertility, 214; dwarfs fashion, 242; Greek equivalent, 351

Droma (drō′mȧ). Chain for Fenris, 91; proverb about, 353

Druids (dro͞o′idz). Human sacrifices of, 86

Drusus (dro͞o′sus). Warned by a Vala, 171

Dryads (drī′adz). Northern equivalent for, 346

Duke of Alva. Cheru’s sword found by, 89

Duneyr (do͞o′nīr). Stag on Yggdrasil, 13

Dunmow (dun′mo). Flitch of bacon, 126

Durathor (do͞o′ra-thôr). Stag on Yggdrasil, 13