Myths of the Norsemen From the Eddas and Sagas

Page: 189

Aager (ä′ger) and Else. Ballad of, 184

Abel. Cain in Wild Hunt because of the murder of, 26

Abundantia (a-bun-dan′shyȧ). Same as Fulla, 47

Abundia. Same as Fulla, 47

Acheron (ak′e-ron). Giöll, the Northern, 359

Achilles (a-kil′ēz). Balder, the Northern, 360; father of Pyrrhus, 361

Adonis (a-dō′nis). Odin, the Northern, 348; Idun lost like, 353; Odur, the Northern, 355

Ægean (ē-jē′an). Argo’s cruise round the, 362

Ægeus (ē-jē′us). Sigmund’s sword compared to that of, 363

Ægir (ā′jir). Tempests caused by, 185; god of the sea, 303; banquet in halls of, 224; Neptune, the Greek, 359

Ægis (ē′jis). Fafnir’s Helmet of Dread so called, 270

Æneas (ē-nē′as). Vidar, the Northern, 361

Æsir (ā′sir). Northern gods called, 5; twelve in number, 11; Asgard, home of, 15; dispute between Vanas and, 15; to be supplanted, 32; inhabitants of Asia Minor, 39; Gylfi visits the, 40; Hrungnir feasts with the, 73; Freya visited by the, 78; recovery of hammer pleases the, 80; Fenris bound by the, 93; Suttung slain by the, 99; Idun welcomed by the, 107; Niörd among the, 111; Ægir not ranked with the, 185; Ægir visits the, 188; reward promised to the, 205; heralds sent out by the, 211; Loki slanders the, 225; battle between the giants and the, 231; beginning and end of the, 329; Giallar-horn summons the, 332; giants come to fight the, 333; courage and death of the, 335; golden disks of the, 339; Greek gods compared to the, 346; Greek equivalent of dispute between the Vanas and the, 347

Ætna (et′nȧ), Mount. Northern equivalent for earthquakes in, 361; dwarfs’ forge equivalent to Vulcan’s in, 362

Afi (ä′fē). Riger visits, 152

Afternoon. Division of day, 9

Agnar. Son of Hrauding, fostered by Frigga, 36; gives Odin a drink, 36; becomes king, 37; Greek equivalent, 348

Ai (ä′ē). Riger visits, 151

Aku-Thor (ak′u-thor). The charioteer, 62

Alberich (al′bĕr-ik). King of the dwarfs, 242

Albion (al′bi-on). Conjectured origin of name, 246

Alf-blot. Sacrifices offered to elves, 248

Alf-heim (alf′hīm). Home of elves in, 246; Frey, ruler of, 117; Frey’s return to, 119; Skirnir’s return to, 121; Völund goes to dwell in, 178

Ali. Same as Vali, 164

Allfather. The uncreated is, 2; Yggdrasil, created by, 12; Odin called, 16; questions Vafthrudnir, 32; wrath of, 44; Longbeards named by, 46; disposes of Hel, Midgard snake, and Fenris, 90; sends Hermod to Finland, 155; goes with Vidar, to consult Norns, 159; dooms Brunhild to marry, 280; is slain, 335

Alpheus (al-fē′us). Greek equivalent of Northern river-god, 359

Alpine Rose. Attendants of Holda crowned with the, 52

Alps. Uller’s home on the, 140; supposed meaning of the name, 246 [370]

Alsvider (äl′svid-er). Steed of moon chariot, 7

Alsvin (äl′svin). Steed of sun chariot, 6

Althæa (al-thē′ȧ). Like mother of Nornagesta, 358

Alva. Cheru’s sword borne by Duke of, 89

Alvis. A dwarf, changed to stone, 63

Alvit. A Valkyr, marries mortal, 175

Amalthea (am-al-thē′ȧ). Compared to Heidrun, 347

Ambrosia. Northern gods eat boar’s flesh instead of, 346

Amma. Riger visits, 152

Amphion (am-fī′on). Pied Piper like, 350; Gunnar like, 364

Amphitrite (am-fi-trī′tē). Greek equivalent for Ran, 359

Amsvartnir (am-svärt′nir). Lake where Fenris is bound, 92

Anchises (an-kī′sēz). Northern equivalent of, 355

Andhrimnir (än-dhrim′nir). Cook in Valhalla, 20

Andvaranaut (änd-vä′ra-nout). Ring of Andvari, 273; Sigurd appropriates, 277; Brunhild betrothed with, 280; Sigurd deprives Brunhild of, 285; Gudrun shows, 287; Gudrun sends Gunnar, 291; Greek equivalent, 363

Andvari (änd′vä-rē). King of dwarfs, 242; Loki visits, 272; ring of, 363

Angantyr (än-gän′tēr). Ottar and, 137; Tyrfing, sword of, 242; joins Thorsten and Belé, 303; tribute of, 312; receives Frithiof, 316

Anglo-Saxon. Heptarchy, 40; Uller called Vulder in, 140; Ægir called Eagor in, 187

Angur-boda (än-gur-bō′dȧ). Mother of Hel, Fenris, and Iörmungandr, 180; mother of Gerda, 119; wife of Loki, 218; feeds wolves in Ironwood, 331

Angurvadel (än-gur-vä′del). Viking’s magic sword, 315; comparison, 363

Annar. Husband of Nott, 8

Antæus (an-tẽ′us). Greek equivalent for Hrungnir, 352

Apollo (a-pol′ō). Greek equivalent for Sol, 345; personification of the sun, 345; his contest with Marsyas compared to Odin’s with Vafthrudnir, 348; marriage with Clio compared to Odin’s with Saga, 349; flocks stolen by Mercury, 351; chariot compared to Frey’s boar, 351; god of music, like Bragi, 353; Frey compared to, 354; Uller, a hunter like, 356; sun-god, like Balder, 360; sun myth, like that of Sigurd, 363

Apples. Gna’s, 252; Idun’s, 107; Skirnir gives Gerda golden, 120; emblem of fruitfulness, 122; Norns watch over the magic, 166; Idun only can pick magic, 166; Rerir receives a magic, 252; comparison between Atalanta’s and Gerda’s, 355

Arachne (a-rak′nē). Vafthrudnir, Northern equivalent, 348

Archangel St. Michael. Wields Cheru’s sword, 89

Arctic Circle. Scenery in the, 1

Ares (a′res). Resembles Tyr, 353

Arethusa (ar-ē-tho͝o′sȧ). Princess Ilse equivalent to, 359

Argo. Like Skidbladnir, 352; like Mannigfual, 362

Argus. Story compared to that of Brock, 351; eyes compared to Thiassi’s, 354; eyes compared to Heimdall’s, 356

Ariadne (ar-i-ad′nē). Compared to Gudrun, 364

Arion (a-ri′on). Compared to Sleipner, 361

Arthur. In Wild Hunt, 26

Arvakr (ar′wak-r). Steed of sun chariot, 6

Aryans (är′yanz). Origin of, 1; myths of, 343

Asa (ā′sȧ). Hoenir an, 15; [123; Balder an, 197

Asa-bridge. Same as Bifröst, 14; Heimdall, guardian of the, 153

Asabru (ā′sȧ-brū). Bridge of gods, 14

Asegeir (ā′se-gīr). Frisian elders, 143

Asgard (as′gärd). Home of gods, 11; one root of Yggdrasil in, 13; gods’ palaces in, 15; Niörd welcomed in, 15; Odin’s seat in, 16; heroes brought to, 18; Ifing separates Jötun-heim from, 32; Odin leaves, 44; Odin returns to, 38; Gylfi visits, 40; Thor admitted into, 59; Bilskirnir in, 59; Brock visits, 67; Hrungnir boasts in, 73; unprotected state of, 221; Thor’s return to, 80; Loki’s return to, 81; Tyr, a god of, 85; Fenris brought to, 91; Odin brings inspiration to, 99; Idun and Bragi arrive in, 103; Idun to be lured out of, 105; Idun mourns for, 353; gods return without Idun to, 110; Frey, Freya, and Niörd in, 111; Niörd summoned to, 112; Thiassi slain in, 112; Skadi’s honeymoon in, 114; Frey welcomed to, 117; Freya welcomed to, 131; Uller rules in, 139; Balder leaves, 141; Forseti arrives in, 142; Heimdall arrives in, 146; Heimdall leaves, 151; Hermod returns to, 157; Vali comes to, 164; sin enters, 166; Ægir’s visit to, 188; Odin’s return to, 202; gods’ sad return to, 209; messengers’ return to, 212; Loki banished from, 224; gods wish to fortify, 221; a Hrim-thurs threatens, 223; Loki forfeits, 226; fire giants storm, 333; Olympus, the Greek, 344; Valkyrs, cupbearers in, 358

Asgardreia (as-gard-rī′a). Wild Hunt called, 23

Asia. Plateau of Iran in, 1; Æsir come from, 39

Ask (äsk). Ash tree from which gods made man, 12; compared to creation of Prometheus, 347

Aslaug (a-sloug′). The fostering of, 281

Asynjur (a-sin′joor). Northern goddesses called, 11

Atalanta (at-ȧ-lan′tȧ). Her apples compared to Gerda’s, 355

Atla (at′lȧ). One of the wave maidens, 146

Atlantic. Cruise of the Mannigfual in the, 235

Atlas. Greek equivalent for Riesengebirge, 362

Atlé (at′lā). Challenges Frithiof, 315

Atli (at′lē). Gudrun wooed by, 291; treachery of, 292; Högni and Gunnar slain by, 294; Gudrun slays, 294; same as Attila, 297; Gudrun’s union with, 364

Attila (at′i-lȧ). King of the Huns, has Cheru’s sword, 89; same as Atli, 297

Aud (oud). Son of Nott, 8

Audhumla (ou-dhum′lȧ). Cow nourishes Ymir, 3

Augeia (ou-gī′yȧ). Wave maiden, 146

Augsburg (ougz′burg). Tyr’s city, 85

Aurgiafa (our-gyā′fȧ) Wave maiden, 146

Austri (ou′strē). Dwarf, supporter of heavenly vault at East, 6

Austria. Curious custom in, 127