Myths of the Norsemen From the Eddas and Sagas

Page: 170

Then, darting mad the waves acrost,

Pouring forth bloody froth like hail,

Spurting with poisoned, venomed breath

Foul, deadly mists o’er all the Earth,

Thro’ thundering surge, he sought the strand.”

Valhalla (J. C. Jones).

One of the great waves, stirred up by Iörmungandr’s struggles, set afloat Nagilfar, the fatal ship, which was constructed entirely out of the nails of those dead folks whose relatives had failed, through the ages, in their [333]duty, having neglected to pare the nails of the deceased, ere they were laid to rest. No sooner was this vessel afloat, than Loki boarded it with the fiery host from Muspells-heim, and steered it boldly over the stormy waters to the place of conflict.

This was not the only vessel bound for Vigrid, however, for out of a thick fog bank towards the north came another ship, steered by Hrym, in which were all the frost giants, armed to the teeth and eager for a conflict with the Æsir, whom they had always hated.