Myths of Babylonia and Assyria

Page: 283

Plant of Birth, Etana's quest for, 164.
Plant of Life, Gilgamesh's quest for, 164, 177.
Plato, the dance of the stars, 333.
Pleiades (plī´a-dēz), the. See Constellations.
Pleistocene (plīst´o-sēn) Age, the, Palestinian races of, 10.
Pliny, on the "Will-o'-the-wisp", 67.
Plutarch, the Osirian bull myth, 89; on Babylonian astrology, 318.
Poetry, magical origin of, 236 et seq.
Poets, inspired by sacred mead, 45.
Polar star, as "world spike", 332; Lucifer as, 331, 332.
Pork, tabooed by races, 293.
Poseidon (pō-sī´don), 64, 105.
Postal arrangements, in Hammurabi Age, 251.
Pottery, linking specimens of in Turkestan, Elam, Asia Minor, and Southern Europe, 5, 263.
Prajapati (prăjä´păti), the Indian god, creative tears of, 45.
Preservers, the, mother goddesses as, 100.
Priests, En-we-dur-an-ki of Sippar, 42; the sorcerer's spell, 46; Dudu of Lagash, 120; as rulers of Lagash, 121; and burial ceremonies, 208, 209; fees of cut down by reformer, 210, 211; as patrons of culture, 287, 288, 289.
Pritha (preet´hä), mother of Indian Karna, 126.
Prophecy, blood-drinking ceremony and, 48; breath of Apis bull and, 49.
Prophets, clothing of, 213, 214.
Psamtik (sam´tik), Pharaoh of Egypt under Assyrians, 483; throws off Assyrian yoke, 486.
Ptah (tä), the Egyptian god, Ea compared to, 30; cult of and mother worshippers, 105; deities that link with, 263, 264.
Pül, Assyrian king called in Bible, 444.
Pumpelly expedition, Turkestan discoveries of, 5, 6, 263.
Punt, the land of, as "cradle" of Mediterranean race, 39.
Purusha (pür-üsh´ă), the Indian chaos giant, 429.


Quarters, the four. See Four quarters.
Queen of Heaven, the, Ishtar as, 81; descent of to Hades, 95 et seq.; Bau-Gula as, 116; Etana and eagle legend and, 166; Ashur worshipped like, 352; Jehu worshipped, 412, 421.
Queen of Kish, the legendary Azag-Bau, 114; humble origin of, 115.


Ra (rä or rā), the Egyptian god, as chief of nine gods, 36; creative tears of, 45, 334; creative saliva of, 46; the "Eye" of blinded and cured, 46; as a destroyer, 63; in flood legend, 197; Paradise of, 209; Osiris and, 297; as old man, 314; as cat, ass, bull, ram, and crocodile, 329.
Races, languages and, 3; the Sumerian problem, 3; shaving customs of, 4; the Semitic blend, 10; culture promoted by fusion of, 42; god and goddess cults and, 105. See Armenoids, Mongolians, Mediterranean Race, Semites, Sumerians.
Rain gods, Enlil, Ramman, Indra, &c, as, 35, 57; Mitra and Varuna as, 55.
Rainy season in Babylonia, 24.
Ram, sun god as, 329; Osiris as, 85.
Rämă, the Indian demi-god, demon lover of, 67; colour of, 186. Ramayana (räm-ay´ăn-ă), the, 67; eagle myth in, 166.
Rameses I (räm´e-sēz or ra-mē´sēs), Hittites and, 364.
Rameses II, of Egypt, wars of in Syria, 365; the Hittite treaty, 366; Hittites aided by Aramaeans against, 378.
Rameses III, sea raiders scattered by, 379; Philistines and, 379.
Ramman (räm´män), the atmospheric and thunder god, 57; in Zu bird myth, 74; in demon war, 76; a hill god, 136; Merodach and, 159, 160; in flood legend, 192 et seq.; deities that link with, 261; called Mermer like Nebo, 303; month of, 309.
Rams, offered to sea god, 33.
Rassam, Hormuzd, xx, xxiii.
Ravens, demons enter the, 71; in folk cures, 234; as unlucky birds, 429.
Rawlinson, Sir Henry, xx, xxi.
Rebekah, Hittite daughters-in-law of, 266, 267.
Reed hut, Ea revelation to Pir-napish-tim in, 190, 191; and reeds in graves, 213.
Reformer, the first historic, Urukagina of Lagash, 121 et seq.
Rehoboam (rē-ho-bō´am), subject to Egypt, 402.
Rem, the Egyptian god of fish and corn, 29.
Rephaim (reph´ā-im), the, Hittites and, II, 12.
Rezin, King of Damascus, 449; Pekah plots with, 451; Tiglath-pileser IV and, 453.
Rhea, 103.