Myths and Legends of the Great Plains

Page: 71

“Why did they fail, when they were so near you? If you sat very near them, how is it that you are alive?” asked the people.

“I pretended to be afraid of water, so I am alive,” he said.

“If so, then those over there have no eyes. How is it that they did not find you when you were alive?”

“I sat in the ashes, therefore I am alive. I have come home, having killed people. Why did you doubt me? As you did not take vengeance on the people who used to kill you, I went to war on them myself. I killed them. How can you doubt me? I will tell no more about myself,” said Big Turtle. “I have ceased.”


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Minor punctuation errors have been corrected without note. Hyphenation has been made consistent, where there was a definite majority of one form, again without note. The following amendments have also been made:

Table of contents—Fallen-Star amended to The Fallen Star, with reference to the main story title.

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Page 148—omitted word 'an' added—"Rabbit said he brought an important message."

Page 195—omitted word 'said,' added—"... has come back,” he said, “having killed one ..."

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