Myths and Legends of Babylonia and Assyria

Page: 163

translated into Greek by Berossus, 18
BEL'IT. A generic term given to Ishtar, 214, 227;
Anu's consort, 227;
figures as wife of Asshur, 227;
Tiglath-pileser I and, 227;
Assur-bani-pal and, 227
BEL-KU'DUR-U'ZUR. The last of the old Assyrian line, killed by Hadad-nadin-akhi, 23
BEL-MER'O-DACH. Babylonian god;
avenged by Cyrus, 41;
son of Ea and Dawkina, 73;
absorbed into the Assyrian pantheon, 225
BE'LOS. See variant, Bel-Merodach, 73
BEL-TE-SHAZZ'AR. Babylonian appellation for Daniel, 37
BEL'TIS. Variant, Nin-lil;
the wife of En-lil, 101;
sanctuary of, at Girsu, 101;
name signified 'lady,' 101;
tablets and figures of, found by Dr Peters, 364
BEL'US. Temple of;
mound of Bâbil identified with, 103;
delineations of animals preserved in temple of, 114;
variant, Dis, 114
BEL-ZAK'IR-ISK'UN. Descendant of Assur-bani-pal, 306, 307
BE-NA'NI. God;
husband of Melili, 82
BE-NI'NI. King of the monsters, 295, 296
1. Babylonian historian;
translates The Observations of Bel into Greek, 18;
narrative of, re creation of man, 81;
his statement re Ea copied by Alexander Polyhistor, etc., 112, 113;
quotes version of the deluge myth, 177, 178;
the hanging gardens of Babylon and, 371.
2. A priest of Bel at Babylon, 42;
'history' by, 42-45;
extracts from history of, preserved by Josephus and Eusebius, 42;
Sisuthrus and, 42;
his legend of Oannes, 42;
his account of the deluge, 42-44;
Daonus and, 127
BILÉ. A Celtic deity, 317
BINT-EL-AMIR. Hill of, 358, 361, 362, 365
BIRD MESSENGERS. Ut-Napishtim sends out, 176
BIRS NIMRÛD. Ruins of, 103
BIT-ILI, THE. Sacred stones, 19
BIT-IL-YA'SU. King of Babylon, slain by Tukulti-in-Aristi, 22
BOMBAY. The Parsis of, 336
BOR-SIP'PA. Site of Nebo's temple at, 103;
'The Stages of the Seven Spheres,' the wonder of, 104;
chief seat of Nebo's worship, 184
BOTTA, M. Archæological researches at Nineveh, 46;
French Consul at Mosul;
his excavations in Mesopotamia, 339, 340
BRITISH MUSEUM. Bricks in, containing Assur-bani-pal's researches, 35,
71, 154, 155, 290;
obelisk of Shalmaneser II in, 343
BULL. Sacred, slain by Gilgamesh and Eabani, 158;
Ramman's name the great, 220;
forms of Ea and Merodach, 290
BULL, WINGED. Symbol of and En-lil, 97;
associated with Merodach, 289, 290
BURMESE. Attitude of, to the dead, 269
BUR'NA-BUR'YAS. King of Babylonia, 22
BURNOUF. Cuneiform writing and, 63
BUR-SIN. Repairs Urbau's zikkurat, 248;
shrine to Bel dedicated by, 364
BYB'LUS. Journey of Isis to, 328;
Philo of, 328


CA'LAH. Sennacherib takes nucleus of Assur-bani-pal's library from, 154;
residence of Asshur, 207;
Ninib's temple at, 215;
residence of Assur-nazir-pal, 215;
Sin's temple of, 223;
tower of, discovered by Layard, 346
CALMET, ABBÉ. Disbelief of, in vampires, 266
CAL'NEH. Part of Nimrod's kingdom, 49
CAM-BY'SES. Son of Cyrus, 41
CANAANITES, THE. First historic dwellers in Syria and Palestine, 324-326;
gods of, 325, 326;
ancestor-worship and, 326
CANNING, SIR STRATFORD. Sir Henry Layard assisted by, in his excavations at Nimrûd, 340
CAPRICORNUS, SIGN OF. Sea-goddess Sabitu and, 183
CARAVAN. The story of the missing, 285-288
CAR-CHE'MISH. Worship of Hadad extended from, to Edom, 189
CARTHAGE. Dido, the presiding deity of, 190;
Ba'al-Hamman worshipped in, 327;
Tanith honoured at, 328;
Eshmun worshipped at, 328;
religion of Semites of, 329;
Dido, Queen of, 329;
Apollo's temple at, 330;
Mohammedanism at, 332
CELTIC. Teutonic religion and, compared, 317;
deity; Bilé a, 317
CE'RES. Reference to, 133
CHAL'CHIS. Iamblichus a native of, 56
CHALDEAN MYTHOLOGY. The sign Gemini, associated with the two forms
of the solar deity in, 182
CHAL-DE'A-N-S. Birthplace of Abram, 52;
Nimrod, King of, 52;
star-gazers, 202;
difference between the faiths of the two great races of, 204;
astrologers, 231, 232;
speculations, 233-235;
magic, 258, 259;
belief in taboo, 278;
belief in superstitions, 280;
divination, 281;
excavations in, 339
CHA'OS. Tiawath, 193
CHARDIN, JOHN. Cuneiform writing and, 61
CHE'MOSH. God of the Moabite king, Mesha, 190
CHRISTIANITY. Initiated by Semitic race, 313;
Jewish influence upon, 320
CHRO'NOS. Berossus substitutes for Ea in the version of the deluge myth quoted in his history, 177
CHUS. The Æthiop;
equivalents, Cush, or Cash (a coloured race), 49;
father of Nimrod, 49
CIRCLE, THE MAGIC. Chaldean sorcerers and, 275, 276
CODE, MORAL. Of the Babylonians, 338
COLOSSI. Gate of, 101;
example of art of which Ea was patron, 229
COR-CY'RE-AN MOUNTAINS. Reference to, by Berossus, 44
CORN-SPIRITS. The primitive, 139
CORNWALL. Phœnicians in, 331
COSMOGONY. Babylonian, 70-87;
Jastrow's opinion, 84;
type of, 84-87
CREATION. Babylonian myth of, 70-87;
story of, in Genesis; myths found in Egyptian papyri; and that in the Popol Vuh,