Myths and Legends of Ancient Egypt

Page: 174

WAR. Mentu, the god of, 246;
between peoples, was war between their respective deities, 276;
Baal, the terrible god of, 276;
Ashtoreth, the terrible goddess of, 278;
Reshpu regarded in Syria as a war god, 280
WERE'WOLF. Idea of, unknown in ancient Egypt, 272
WEST ASIATIC. Invader; story of, confused with legend of Horus, 94
WESTCAR. Papyrus, containing a tale of magic, 197-199
WESTERN WATERS OF MERT. Horus overtakes allies of Set at the, 90
WIE'DE-MANN. Quotation from, 12;
Bes derived from Besa according to, 281;
worship of sacred trees, and, 297
WINGED DISK. Symbol of the sun, 60;
myth of, 88
WINGED SUN DISK. The legend, related in texts of Edfû, 277
WOLF, THE. Venerated at Lycopolis, 294
WORKMAN. The Peasant (Tehuti-nekht) and the; story of, 220-224;
son of Asri, 220
WORSHIP. Egyptian animal—provoked merriment of cultured Greek and
ridicule of early Christian writers, 271;
polytheistic, a national tendency among Egyptians, 275;
of sacred animals in Egypt—the bull, 284-288;
the crocodile, 289-291;
the lion, 291, 292;
the cat, 293;
the dog, 294;
the hippopotamus, 294;
the ibis, 295-297;
of trees in Egypt, 297-299;
of animals during the Late period, 302-304


XPI'YA-COC AND XMU'CAN-E. Ancient serpents, 12
XQUIQ. (Pron. Shqueek), Daughter of lord in underworld, 122


YORK. Cult of Sarapis in, 287
YOUNG. Helped decipher Rosetta stone, 187


ZAAL-A'ÊR. The Great God Iphphon and, invoked in a magical spell, 265;
the Hebrew appellation Ablanathanalb, Abrasilôa, 265
ZAC'ZI-NI. One of the four deities of the ancient Maya, 29;
equivalent, Ix, 29
ZAK-KA-LA. Dora, city of; Badîl Prince of; Ounamounou arrives at, 232;
vessels sent from to prevent Ounamounou from reaching Egypt, 236
ZAZ'A-MANKH. Chief reciter and scribe of the rolls of court of King
Seneferu, 199, 200
ZEUS. Amen identified with, 305, 306
ZO'SER, KING. Imhotep, author and architect under, 303

Table of Contents

Chap. 1 Introductory

Fetishism and Totemism—Creation Myths—The 'Companies' of the Gods—The Egyptian Idea of God—Deities of the Pyramid Texts—Early Burials—Pyramidal Architecture—'Lost' Pyramids—The Ka—The Ba.

Chap. 2 Exploration, History and Customs

Egyptian Exploration—Early Researches—Palaces and Mansions—Life and Law in Ancient Egypt—Agriculture—Legal Code—Costume.

Chap. 3 The Priesthood: Mysteries and Temples

Mysteries—The Greek Mysteries—The Holy Place.

Chap. 4 The Cult of Osiris

Isis as the Wind—Manifold Attributes of Isis—Heru-Behudeti—The Myth of the Winged Disk—The Slaughter of the MonstersOther Horus Legends—Set—Set and the Ass—Thoth—Thoth as Soul-Recorder—The Book of the Dead—A 'Discovery' 3400 Years Old—The Three Recensions—The Place of Reeds—The Place of Punishment—The Egyptian Heaven—How the Blessed Lived.