Myths and Legends of Ancient Egypt

Page: 168

reference to, 102
RHIND. Scottish archæologist, 38
RHYS (pron. Reece), PROFESSOR. The Celtic belief re the name
being the 'soul,' and, 258
RIGHT SPEAKING (MAĀ KHERU). Term applied to a certain formula which
a magician once found effective and which had to be always repeated
exactly, 261
RO'DIN. Reference to the sculptor, 315, 323
RO'MAN-S. Pantheon; reference to deities in, 19, 20;
oracle of Jupiter-Ammon consulted by, 142;
Ptah identified with Vulcan by the, 144;
plebeians; reference to, 195;
cult of Sarapis extended under the, 287;
period; cult of the crocodile lasted far into the, 291;
Italian masters of the Renaissance, and the, 321
ROME. Professor Sergi of, 34;
history of, traced through Egyptian history, 37;
cult of Isis flourished in, 80;
worship of Isis took an orgiastic character in, 84;
the Theban priests much sought after by travellers from, 305
ROSELLINI. His expedition to Egypt, 38
ROS-ET'TA STONE. Came into British possession 1801, 37;
decipherment of the, 38;
progress not made in reading of hieroglyphic writing until discovery
of the, 185;
its lingual inscription consisted of fourteen lines of hieroglyphs,
thirty-two lines of Demotic, and fifty-four lines of Greek; by
comparison and decipherment, Egyptian alphabet discovered,
and clue found to lost language, 186
RUD-DID'ET. Wife of a priest of Ra, 202, 204


SAA. God of the sense of touch, appears in boat of Ra, 181;
son of Geb; personification of intelligence, human and divine, 181

OTH. Archangel; mentioned with Osiris and the Greek gods, 309
SACKVILLE, LADY MARGARET. Reference to lines written by, 326
SAF'EKHT. The goddess of learning; the palm-leaf the symbol of, 298;
the sacred tree in the 'Great Hall' of Heliopolis and, 298
SA'HAL. Island of, 154;
worship of Anqet centred at,