Hero-Myths and Legends of the British Race

Page: 210

Women, Champion of. Hereward known as, 351

Wyrd (weird). Goddess of Fate, 13, 34


York. Archbishop of, unites in marriage Havelok and Goldborough, 85;
Abbot of St. Mary’s Abbey, in, 321

Yorkshire. Barnesdale, forest in, once dwelling-place of Robin Hood, 314, 315

Yuletide. King Arthur’s knights keep, 267


Zacchæus. Grandfather of Judas, 57

Transcriber's Note

Minor typographic errors in punctuation have been corrected without note. Hyphen inconsistencies have been corrected without note where there was a prevalence of one formation over another.

There is some variation in spelling, sometimes of proper names, often between the main text and quoted texts, and a number of archaic words. These remain as printed, unless they were an obvious typographic error, which were amended as follows:

Page 48—need amended to heed—"... that when their horses failed they gave no heed, but took others ..."

Page 73—crystalized amended to crystallized—"These stories finally crystallized in a form ..."

Page 84—Havelock amended to Havelok—"... and so, in great fear, Havelok agreed to the wedding."

Page 233—vension amended to venison—"... William had given the boy many a dinner of venison, ..."

Page 338—Whereever amended to Wherever—""Wherever fate and my fortune lead me," ..."

Page 355—7 amended to 74—"... and Havelok, son of, 74;"

Page 358—o amended to of—"... Daughter of King Alef, affianced to Prince Sigtryg ..."

Page 359—Alaf amended to Alef—"Prince Sigtryg sends forty to King Alef, 348;"

Page 362—Niger amended to Nigel—"Glen belonging to MacGregors, given to Sir Nigel Campbell, 249;"

Page 366—Herebald amended to Herebeald—"brought up with brothers, Herebeald and Hathcyn ..."

Page 372—missio nto amended to mission to—"Hereward’s mission to, 345-347;"

Page 375—332 amended to 232—"... capture of, 232;"

There were some instances of omitted text; these were all checked against another edition of the text, and, in the case of the omitted page references, cross-checked against this edition, and repaired as follows:

Page 347—omitted word (marriage) inserted at the end of the section just prior to "Return to Cornwall"—"... he would save his betrothed from some other hateful marriage."

Page 368—the entry for London had no page number reference; 241 inserted.

Page 370—the entry for Priam had no page number reference; 95 inserted.

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