1000 Mythological Characters Briefly Described

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Famous Poems Explained. (Barbe).

How to Attract and Hold an Audience. Every student in college or school, every lawyer, every teacher, every clergyman, every man or woman occupying an official position, every citizen and every youth who is likely ever to have occasion in committee, or in public, to enlist the interest, to attract and hold the attention of one or more hearers, and convince them—every person who ever has to, or is likely to have to “speak” to one or more listeners will find in our new book a clear, concise, complete handbook which will enable him to succeed!

Thorough, concise, methodical, replete with common sense, complete. In his logical method, in the crystal-like lucidity of his style, in his forceful, incisive, penetrating mastery of his subject, the author has at one bound placed himself on a plane with the very ablest teacher-authors of his day.

Fenno’s Science and Art of Elocution. Standard. Probably the most successful of its kind.

The Power of Speech, How to Acquire It. A comprehensive system of vocal expression. Thorough and practical instruction in the use of the speaking voice, embracing deep breathing, articulation, modulation, emphasis and delivery; vocal coloring, interpretation of the written word, the conveying of thought by means of vocal expression, and the principles of oratory and dramatic art.

The Psychology of Public Speaking. A scientific treatment of the practical needs of the public speaker. A worth-while book.

How to Use the Voice in Reading and Speaking. By Ed. Amherst Ott, head of the School of Oratory, Drake University. Suitable for class work.

How to Gesture. E. A. Ott. New illus. edit.

Constitution of U. S. In English, German and French.

Constitution of U. S., with Index. (Thorpe’s Pocket Edition).

Brief History of Civilization. (Blackmar).

The Changing Values of English Speech.

The Worth of Words. (Bell).

The Religion of Beauty. (Bell).

Dictionaries: The Classic Series. Half morocco. Especially planned for students and teachers in colleges and high schools. Up to the times in point of contents, authoritative while modern as regards scholarship, instantly accessible in respect to arrangement, in a binding elegant and durable. 8×5½ in.

French-English and Eng.-French,
German-English and Eng.-German,
Latin-English and Eng.-Latin,
Greek-English and Eng.-Greek,
English-Greek Dictionary.

Dictionaries: The Handy Series. Pocket Edition. Scholarship modern and accurate; beautiful print.

Spanish-English and Eng.-Spanish,
Italian-English and Eng.-Italian,
New-Testament Lexicon. With a fine presentation of the Synonyms of the Greek Testament.

Liddell and Scott’s Abridged Greek Lexicon. With new Appendix of Proper and Geog’l names.

White’s Latin-English Dictionary.

White’s English-Latin Dictionary.

White’s Lat.-Eng. and Eng.-Lat. Diction.

International Pronouncing French-English and Eng.-French Dictionary. Half morocco. The pronunciation is indicated by a full re-spelling of each title-word in the system of the International Phonetic Associ’n, a widely used means of indicating, simply and accurately, the pronunciation of all languages in a single (amplified) Roman alphabet.

Who’s Who in Mythology? A dictionary of mythological characters. Identifies and locates instanter every god and goddess, hero and myth that are likely to be broached either in conversation, sermon, song, drama, painting or statuary.

Who’s Who in History? A dictionary of classical characters and allusions. Locates the places, identifies the persons, describes the things, which are constantly alluded to in literature, in sermons, in paintings, in sculpture and in conversation.


The Worth of Words

Third Edition, Revised and Enlarged.

The SOULS of words live after their forms change. This spiritual element of words survives as literature. The living book contains the EGO of the author—the spiritual personality of his mind. This book treats of the right usage of words on this vital basis. It is a living guide. Simple and clear, it aids correct speech and shows how to vitalize words with SOUL.

The Changing Values of English Speech

A mate to THE WORTH OF WORDS. Touches lightly the philosophical side in a practical way: illumines Style, Soul of Words, Early English, Language Change, Poetry, Syntax, Variations in Word-Meanings, Distinctions, Origin of Language, Old Celtic Friends, English Orthography, Words Changed Since Shakespeare, Commonplace Poetry, Aborigines. Reads with the fascination of romance.

The Religion of Beauty

Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged.

This is the autobiography of a Soul glad of life—one who finds riches in the possessions of others and, above all, a golden wealth in man’s Impersonal Estate—in SKY and STAR, SUN and CITY, the SEA and the OPEN WORLD—one who finds the Religion of Beauty in all things, and reveals the secret whereby all who will may dig up “real wealth” while having a good time.


Illustrated. New Historic Matter.

History is told here with Maeterlinck’s charm of style; scenes are painted with the power and beauty of Hearn; philosophy is unconsciously brought forth from events. Greek legend weaves a necklace of imagery which holds ETNA in its clasp. Martial echoes mingle with the voices of ancient poets, the murmur of the Ionian Sea and of olive leaves in sunny Sicily.

English and American Literature

A One Year Course



Interestingly written, illustrated with portraits and enlivened by pictures of scenes described, facsimiles of manuscripts, etc.