Teiresias or Tiresias was a famous prophet of Apollo in Greek mythology, who lived in Thebes. He was the son of Everes, a shepherd, and the nymph Chariclo.

There are two main myths around Tiresias' life. The first one has to do with his punishment by Hera, during which he was sex-changed. Tiresias was on Mount Cyllene in the Peloponnese when he found a pair of snakes and killed them. Hera was angry at his action and decided to change his sex. As a woman, Tiresias served as a priestess of Hera for seven years and even got married and had children. On the seventh year, Tiresias again found a pair of snakes, which this time he decided to leave alone, releasing himself from the curse and becoming a man again.

The second myth concerns his blindness. He once stumbled upon goddess Athena while she was bathing; as a result, the goddess decided to blind him. His mother begged Athena to lift the curse, but she was unable to. To compensate for that, Athena offered him the gift of understanding birdsong.

Tiresias died by an arrow of god Apollo at the tainted spring Tilphussa. His soul went to the first level of Hades, where he was visited by Odysseus and gave him advice on how to continue on his voyage to Ithaca.

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