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Adventures of Perseus

The adventures of Perseus are very interesting. in fact, his whole life is interesting from his birth onwards. Let's start with a little bit of history. Perseus was the son of God Zeus and Danae. His reputation quickly made him into a hero of Argos (an area in the peloponnesus part of Greece). Arcisius, Perseus' grandfather once asked an oracle if he would ever have any kids. The answer he got was shocking and lead him to live a life of paranoia. He was told by the oracle that his daughter would have a son that will eventually kill him. Arcisius being driven by the force of fear made a quick decision, a quick decision that would impact another forever. He had his daughter Danae jailed in an underground cave with brass walls.

But mighty Zeus was watching. He had an eye for beauty, and a way with women few dared to compete, not even Pierce Brosnan. Zeus transformed himself into a shower of golden rain and entered the cave were Danae was held. They then formed union, and Danae gave birth to a baby boy, of which she managed to keep secret for some time.
Sooner than later, her angry father Arcisius found out about the baby. He refused to believe that Zeus had anything to do with it (blame it on the milk man:)). He ordered Danae's nurse to death, as he believed that she orchestrated this affair. He thought about killing his grandson himself, what his guilt would not allow him to. He walked back and forth with his head struck down from his shoulders desperately seeking a solution that wouldn't pose any danger to his life. By early morning, Arcisius made up his mind. he had a wooden ark built for his daughter and his grandson. he immediately gave the order for the two to be placed in it and to be set adrift on the sea, as far as possible. Finally, he's worries were gone. Or so he thought.
Days and nights passed with everything slowly dying, but hope which dies last (Greek saying). Finally, the wooden ark washed up on the island of Seriphos. There, a fisherman named Dictes who was the brother of Polydectes the island's tyrant found it. He kindly took in young Perseus and his mother and shared his home with them. During this time, Perseus grew into a strong and brave man blessed with many gifts undoubtedly as a result from a God's grace.
Things got a little confusing when the king, Polydectes fell in love with Perseus' mother, Danae. Perseus kept his mother under guard at all times, so the King couldn't get to see her alone. Then, Polydectes invited some friends for dinner, and asked them all what gift they would give him if he was ever to ask for one. The most interesting answer came from Perseus which answered that if it was necessary, he would bring the King the head of the Medusa, the Gorgon. The King took on the challenge, and asked Perseus to bring him the head of the Medusa, otherwise, he would take his mother Danae by force. Perseus had to bring the Medusa's head, which wasn't an easy task. The medusa was an ugly being. She had brazen claws, gold wings, a boar's tusks and snakes coming out of her head instead of hair. A look in her eyes would turn anyone to stone...
The Gods of course, who loved to intervene, wouldn't leave Perseus helpless. Both Athena and Hermes set out to help Perseus with this challenge. With his intelligence and wit, Perseus managed to trick the nymphs. They gave him winged sandals, so he could fly over the ground. A bag, so he could carry the head of the Medusa, and last but not least, the helmet of Hades, which would make him invisible. (With all this hi tech equipment, it was probably not so difficult to cut the Medusa's head off ;) )
Using the winged sandals, Perseus flew over the Medusa, looking only at her reflection using the shiny shield that Athena had given him. Being also invisible by wearing Hade's helmet, Perseus cut the Medusa's head off, and placed it in the bag and set for home. On his way home, he met Andromeda which he rescued from a sea monster. They quickly fell in love and decided to get married. However, Andromeda's uncle which wanted her for himself disagreed and plotted to murder Perseus. Having the Medusa's head gave Perseus a great advantage. He took out the head and as soon as Andromeda's uncle look at it, he turned into stone.
When Perseus arrived home, he did the same thing with Polydectes which was harassing Perseus's mother. What happened to Perseus's grandfather of which we discussed earlier on? Upon hearing of Perseus's achievements, he fled far away. But that didn't save him from his fate. Later on, he was present at a special games ceremony in Larisa which was arranged by King Tentamides. When Perseus's turn came to throw the discus, it slipped from his hand and hit his grandfather on the head killing him. Perseus was very sad when he learned who the man was. He buried his grandfather with all respect and honor.


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