Cleobis is the name of a mythical figure in Greek mythology, who appeared in a myth alongside his brother Biton. According to the myth, Cleobis and Biton were citizens of Argos, and sons of Cydippe, a priestess of Hera. One day, they were travelling with their mother from Argos to the Heraion temple; however, their cart was overburdened and the oxen were unable to pull it forward. So, the two brothers pulled the cart for almost ten kilometres. Cydippe was impressed with her sons' devotion to her and the goddess, and prayed to Hera to give them the best divine gift possible. Hera accepted her prayers. So, after the dinner was over, the brothers lay to sleep inside Hera's temple, where they died peacefully. Through their death, they received eternal recognition for their devotion and love to their mother, and their fellow citizens erected statues in Delphi to honour them.

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