Aglaurus is a name attributed to three individuals in Greek mythology.

The better known Aglaurus was the daughter of the first king of Athens, Cecrops. She was the sister of Herse and Pandrosus. The three sisters were part of the myth concerning Erechtheus, the king who succeeded Cecrops on the throne of Athens. When the goddess Athena visited the workshop of the god Hephaestus to ask for weapons, he tried to rape her but she managed to avoid him. However, during the chase, his semen fell on the thigh of the goddess, who took a piece of wool to wipe it off and threw it on the ground. Where the wool fell, it impregnated the goddess of the earth Gaea, giving birth to a baby named Erechtheus. Athena took the baby and hid it in a box, and then gave it to Aglaurus and her sisters, telling them never to open it. However, the sisters were curious and opened the box. Depending on the version of the myth, they either saw a snake wrapped around the baby, or a baby that was half human and half snake. The sight drove them insane and they committed suicide by falling off the Acropolis.

The second Aglaurus was the wife of Cecrops, and thus the mother of Aglaurus, Herse and Pandrosus, as well as Erysichthon.

The third Aglaurus referes to the daughter of Erectheus and his daughter Procris.

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