Crissaegram and Tycho Picture

This picture was sketched in class as a means of symbolic nature.

I tend to create images in a symbolic manner because basically I do not wish to give myself away that easily. Connections and metaphorical senses are the key to understanding anything I create such as this.

Crissaegram has appeared before in my art, the creature on the left. There are 2 major characters I draw on one hand, and 3 characters on another side. Crissaegram and Cronus. The one on the right is Tycho, named for being the god of luck in mythology. Bad and good luck are both incorporated. The other two characters are Vincent and Themis. Themis in mythology is too a god, the god of justice. Each of the three have resembled a part of me.

Crissaegram and Cronus alter depending on the situation occuring in my life. In most cases, these two characters represent two separate people.

Sometimes these people they represent get the better of me. In this picture, Crissaegram gouges Tycho as he grins through it. Sure in life Crissaegram has "won" but in reality, Tycho was the one who was justifiable, rational, and devout. There is winning in your mind, and there is winning overall.
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