Adikia Picture

Adikia is the goddess and personification of injustice. She is an ugly figure who is depicted being throttled by Dike, the goddess of justice, on the Kypselos Chest.

Well, adikia is the twin sister of Dike (justice), and sister of Eunomia (order) and Eirene (peace), daughters of Themis (divine law) Adikia, as was the personification of injustice, was always the black sheep among his sisters, and had a particularly bad relationship with her ​​twin, Dike.

Adikia, was in charge of distributing the injustice and corruption in humans, as was almost identical to her sister Dike, the confounded humans constantly, which annoyed Adikia... Also gets along very badly with the Muses, since adikia, invented the kidnapping of art and creativity among humans.

Adikia get along with Fortuna (goddess of good and bad luck), with Phantasos, and sometimes also with Persephone. also had a long distance relationship with Loki (trickster god of Norse mythology)
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