Minor Themis characters Picture

First of all, I am working on my commission. XDDD
I've worked on these a little now and then for the past few days. x3

So! Some minor character for my comic! 8D

The first one is Sveka (Svek = Swedish for betrayal)
She works for Restless Leg. She's a bad girl. D> (she doesn't have any feet, omg? xD)

The other one is Lobo (Spanish for wolf, yay online dictionaries!! x3) and the third one is Garuda (a bird god from the Indian mythology. That one was actually male, but whatevah. <D ...Garudamon, anyone? x3 *Digimon nerd*) These two are... anthro, OMG. O.O

Also, my scanner hates my grey marker. There are actually shading on the white parts. D:

Well I'm off to bed now. 8U
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