O.C Eurynome Picture

Name: Eurynome
Species: Titan Demon (human form).
Info: Titan of water meadows. She uses water spells to flood battle fields, which quickly gets her opponents in a disadvantage. She disappears in a warm mist when she needs to escape difficult situations. Her sister Themis supports her in her fights and guides her to a safe victory. Themis fights with justice, and all she cares about is seeing Eurynome win a fair fight. Eurynome and Themis were titans used in war by humans several years back. They enjoyed being used as war machines since that was the only thing they were created for. They ended up falling into a deep slumber for several decades since no wars occurred in 100 years. When they woke up they found themselves in a new world, ready to start another huge war...

@[email protected] And this is what happens when you read greek mythology with your class. xDDDDDD Well...we read an old text, and then I googled ancient facts about greek XD Ended up spending HOURS just reading all of the Gods and all of the titans stories. x__x that's some interesting stuff i tell ya XD ANYWAYS, I adopted this chara from ~AAA-Adopts but it doesn't look like her chara anymore XDDDDDDD Compare....
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