ANU - Takeru Morisako: Fox-Form Concept Picture

Takeru Morisako, bloodline of the Fox, from Aka No Usagi: The Tale of the Red Rabbit, in his Fox form.

This took a lot of research to get the right look; Takeru's human form has black hair, so despite the mythology about Nogitsune being "evil" Kitsune, Takeru has taken on the appearance of the Russian Silver Fox. As Nogitsune are seen as "demons", and the bloodlines, despite being saviours, are often viewed as "demonic" (which is a very inaccurate term, as they are neither Angelic nor Demonic), it seemed appropriate to show him in such a light.

As colour identifying foxes goes:
+ Gehenna Kitsune, true Demonic foxes, usually look like ordinary red foxes, but are larger, and often have sabre-teeth. Upon gaining the ninth tail they become either deep crimson, or very bright scarlet, and maintain black markings, but lose the white.
+ Neutral Kitsune, from the mortal world can have any natural fox markings, whether that's Fennec fox, Arctic fox, Antolian fox, or Red Fox. Anything goes; Takeru's a good example. Upon reaching the Ninth tail, they become white, with their black (or equivalent) markings becoming silver. (arctic foxes gain a blue-grey tint to pelt, as in the rare cases of Blue arctics).
+ Holy Kitsune, true Angelic foxes, usually appear like the more delicate fox breeds (eg: swift fox), and often have golden or silver fur, or tints to their fur. Upon achieving the ninth tail, they become Gold, maintaining their markings in white.


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