Exalted Sailor Tethys Picture

"Exalted Sailor Tethys, Soldier of the Sea, The Lady of the Sea, The Mermaid, member of the Order of the Star Warriors and Nereids and Oceanids sub-cult, the Lady Tethys."

One of the greatest of the Sailor Warriors, Tethys is known in the civilian world as Misty Waterflower, leader of the Cerulean City Gym and one of the finest Water Pokemon Trainers her world had ever seen. Having earned her title at the age of 23, Misty proved to be a master-level Trainer, especially with Water Pokemon. But she was also known for being a kind individual, one filled with a strong sense love and compassion. It was this that brought the attention of the Star Warriors to her.

Hearing their offer, Misty realized she had the chance to be part of something greater. Agreeing to join them, she left her homeworld and life temporarily behind to undergo the training necessary to become a Sailor Warrior. She immediately proved to be one of the best students the Star Warriors had ever seen, and in just four years, became a full member of the Star Warriors.

She became a water-oriented Sailor Senshi, taking on the name of Sailor Tethys, after the ancient Titaness and primordial sea goddess of Greek mythology. She soon rose through the ranks to become one of the Exalted, the elite leaders of the Sailor Warriors, second in power to the Grandmaster herself.

Now a Sailor Senshi at the age of 25, Misty Waterflower has returned to her normal life, remaining the Cerulean Gym's leader and resident Water Pokemon Trainer as well as one of the chief protectors of her world. Among her Senshi sisters she considered one of the kindest, most gentle, but also hot-headed Senshi. Odd thing coming from a Senshi who embodies the flowing beauty of water.

Weapons and Items

Ocean Gem- a fist-sized orb of shining aquamarine, it serves as her Transformation Item. Whenever Misty needs to transform into her Senshi identity, she raises the orb and yells "Tethys Sea Power!". In an instant a column of water emerges and solidifies around her body, turning itself into the raiment she wears as a Sailor Senshi. Once done, Misty Waterflower no longer stands there. Now Exalted Sailor Tethys stands there, ready to fight.

The Sea Trident- a magnificent weapon, the trident is dedicated to Poseidon, the god of the sea himself. Forged from adamantium and steel and inlaid with sapphire and gold filigree, the trident grants Tethys unlimited control of all the seas of her home planet. It's also a very good close combat weapon. It serves as her primary Attack Item and symbol of office.

Aquarion- a wonderfully-crafted longsword, Aquarion is a blade forged from shining silver-steel. Detailed with fine golden symbols and sheathed in a crystal, mirror-like scabbard, the blade is a deadly weapon, capable of channeling Tethys' powers over the sea. It is also a sharp blade, as sharp as the Japanese katana, given that Tethys has proven to be one of the Star Warriors' finest swordsmen.

Kris daggers- another of her blades, these are simple kris daggers, the blades shaped in a triangular form and able to be joined together to form a double-bladed weapon. They are not magical in any way, but are ideal close combat weapons for Tethys to use.

Master-crafted pistol- this firearm is her sole one, but it's all Tethys needs. Built from some of the finest materials, it features an in-built targeter and fires miniature rockets called "bolts" that are far more potent than standard bullets. Its system is known for near-perfect accuracy, and Tethys herself is a master-level marksman.

Known attacks

Raging Torrent- Perhaps her strongest attack, it requires the use of her trident for it happen. With this attack, Tethys is capable of directing the sea or any other body of water at a whim, using it to drown enemies.

Storm Blades- While not associated with thunder, Tethys is capable of controlling lightning to a small degree. She can channel it through her sword and direct it at her foes, hence its name, but it is not as powerful as her other attacks.

The first of my new Star Warriors, a creation based from my other drawings of her. Enjoy. To understand what she is, read the bios of my newest creation, the Order of the Star Warriors (warrior-oriented Sailor Senshi)
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