Salacia Picture

(PLEASE see full view, or else you're seriously missing out)

This is one of my four Ocean Gaurdian characters, which started out as Ecco the Dolphin fan characters. Some of you might remember Tethys ([link] ), the first one. This one is Salacia. I got the name from Roman mythology (wife of Neptune). She is the Gaurdian of the Indian Ocean, also known as the spirit of the mid-eastern ocean. She's a campchurch, which, if you don't know, is like a unicorn versian of a hippocamp. And if you don't know what a hippocamp is, it's half horse and half fish.

I actually made more of a background for this, as opposed to the picture of Tethys which had nothing but water in the bg. But I drew the fish kinda quickly, so they don't look as good as they could. Some of those fish are from the old Ecco games. Everything else is pretty much made up, since I didn't use any references. I made this a little darker than it was originally, because with the way I drew the rocks, it looked like she's in some kinda cove or cavern. So I thought it should be darker. And she's supposed to look shiny. All of my Ocean Gaurdian characters have a shiny appearance to them.

Don't expect to see Tethys or Salacia again anytime soon.
I might draw their brothers eventually. Depends on if and when I get to it.
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