Tethys Character Design Picture

So, in PRI!!!, Tethys (a fourteenth-hour creation if ever there was one, in November or early December 06) is the dark goddess of the sea, a scheming, ambitious woman who strongly believes in a (heretofore unnamed) religion that's chock-full of prophecies that are beginning to come true.

Tethys believes that Riti, taking a 24 hour vacation/exile to Cancun, is the prophecied "Green-Haired Bandit" (A belief Scorpina also shares) who signals the rise of the dark messiah who will at last bring darkness to the universe. Tethys is hell-bent on getting in good with the Green Haired Bandit so as to get in good with the dark messiah.

She has a son, fathered out of wedlock with (shhh) Rei Reversal, and she's basically the ruler of an entire race of man-eating mer people.

I wanted her to look somewhat greek (as Tethys was a character in Greek Mythology), somewhat Middle Eastern, somewhat Indian, and somewhat Caribbean, with tons and freaking TONS of blue.

Yeah, you can't see any blue in this, but trust me. There's lots of blue.

I really do like how she ended up looking.

An idea of mine that I might not even end up going through with is to have Renata Kaosettes-McFarland, who was introduced in the Thanksgiving special as Mrs. Evan's sister in law (and thus Jason's aunt, even though she's only six years his senior) as a possible relative of Steven's, be Tethys' human host. That might just needlessly complicate things, though.

It's stupid, too, but I'm thinking she should have some kind of attack or something called "Veil of tears". LAWLZ, GIT IT IT'S A PUN.

Moved out of scraps 10-28-07.
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