Tethys - Ocean Goddess Picture

Tethys is from Greek mythology/poetry. This is my vision of what she could look like. Looked her up a couple of years ago for something. Can't remember why now, but, there were almost no illustrations of her. This is about the fourth version of what was in my head, and, the only one I feel like sharing.

Had to scan this in two pieces so please be forgiving of my stitch line and the slight differences in saturation on the stitched portion. Blame it on my scanner. I actually got it lined up fairly well, but, the color differences made it show anyway...*sigh*.

Prismacolors and colorless blending pencils on Strathmore Pastel paper. Time spent unknown as I kept putting it down and coming back to it. Approximately 9" x 12", but, haven't measured so it could be a little off.


This is a contest entry for "The Primal Colors of Renewal"

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