Kusanagi Pt. 1 Picture

These two are for a fictional J-Pop/Rock band I'm making up called Kusanagi, named after the mythological sword of the same name. They will have a progressive/ folk/ arena hard rock/ pop/ R&B kinda style.

Here are the first two members of the band. I tried to make their names sound Japanese-like, & I don't even know what their last names would translate into. If anyone can translate the names, tell me, okay?

Keito Mitazuki
Position: Keyboards, Female Vocals, Synthesizer, Keytar, Lyricist (Pop-based songs)
Sweet, cheerful & ditzy are the words that will identify her best. She gives Kusanagi their "pop" edge, due to her obsession with bands & artists like PuffyAmiYumi, Ayumi Hamasaki, Utada Hikaru & Shonen Knife. A lot of times she'll use her share of yen that the band recieves to go shopping. She can also be found playing video games, listening to music, & watching anime. She's an addict of Taiwanese bubble tea ([link]) & kompeito ([link]) & she can sure make some mean sushi. Whenever she speaks in Japanese, she usually ends her scentences in "na no da", a phrase often used by playful characters.

Yoshi Osamu
Position: Guitar, Lead Vocals, Lyricist (Rock-based songs) (is also learning Shamisen from Saki)
Yoshi is the head of the band. Smart, calm, but often impatient & pretty expressive with his views, his taste in classic rock gives the band its style of music. When he's not strumming away on his many guitars, he can be found drawing manga, watching anime, playing video games, & listening to classic rock bands, some of his favorites being The Beatles, Rush, Queen, Yes, Styx, The Rolling Stones, Genesis & lots more. He idolizes Osamu Tezuka, famous anime & manga artist, & he even changed his name from Nakamura Yoshi (by the way, this is surname first, as that was how the Japanese originally did it) to Osamutezuka Nakamura Yoshi, but shortens it to just Osamu Yoshi. He also holds a tribute to Tezuka's characature of himself (found here: [link]) by painting freckles onto his nose. Strange as it may seem, it gives Yoshi one of his few trademarks, besides his goatee, glasses, & his pencil behind the ear.

I tried my best to make sure they weren't stereotypical. Two more pics will follow, so keep an eye open for them.

Kusanagi, Keito, Yoshi (not the dinosaur) (c) Me
Osamu Tezuka (c) himself
Art (c) Me
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