Charon Picture

Yay for new characters. Anyways, everyone: Charon. Charon: everyone. He is going to be my morbid, macabre, violent and hilarious personification of all the best things in life. Gore. Anyways, he is named after the ferryman of the river Styx in Greek mythology, and has a certain affiliation with death. Paranoid and mildly insane, he has become the mortal equivalent of the Grim Reaper and his name is paralleled with destruction and loss. I'm not sure how this kid is going to play out, but I rather like him. I guess be on the watch for more of his portraits in the future.

Name: Charon
Age: Mid-life
Sex: Male
Race: Jackal anthro

Um, background. I plan on obtaining a medical degree in my lifetime and will continue on to become a coroner. Yes, that means cutting up dead people. I think it's tight, and I'm rather stoked about all of this. So Charon is kind-of that coroner-tastic fursona that I am looking for. The end.
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