Kage no Stigma Picture

Kage no Stigma, meaning Shadow Stigma.

Features a draik I eventually wish to own (image completely drawn and colored by me). Draik will be cross-painted as a Desert/Skunk. If I ever get a FFQ, I would add pirate to the mix.

Story behind the draik is that s/he will be a Soulseeker Drachen. In a nutshell: As Charon ferries souls across the river Styx in Greek mythology, Soulseekers gather the souls of the good and take them to the Fade where they can cross over. If on a large gather, souls will be transported via a special necklace (made out of spirit glass).

The Shadow Stigma is the mark of a soulseeker. It splashes over the face, along the spine, and across the haunches.

Draik © Neopets
Image © me
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