Sketch - 2 Picture

Sigurd - Einar's dog

So far the idea is that he is a neopolitan mastiff
Either chocolate brown or a blue - not decided yet
Neopolitan mastiff's are known for their intelligence, strength and having a high pain tolerance - due to their background as a fighting dog
This breed makes a good decision for dragon hunting as when pursing a target, rather than barking and revealing their presence - they sneak up on it.
They're fearless, and known for drooling when excited - which will make for some fun moments in my manga XD

Sigurd is named after a hero in Norse mythology
who is invincible except where a leaf fell onto him
as he was bathing with dragon's blood to give himself invincibility
A bit like Achiles in Greek Mythology, being dipping in the River Styx except for his heel
I'm incorporating this into his design with a leaf scar/marking on his shoulder
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