Organization XIII KH Jack Picture

In the Jack KH crossover, the organization grew a bit bigger after their major defeat with Sora, and these 4 members were added. 2 of them I came up with in Mythology class in reference to the Underworld. I HATE what Hollywood's been doing to Hades and his domain the past several years. HOLLYWOOD YOU SUCK!!!

Kxajc, Top Right. Kingdom Key
Lethe, Top Left. Oblivion Keyblade. In reference to the tributary of Styx that if you fell in there, as my mythology teacher would describe it, "Suicide for ghosts", since the tributary Lethe would store memories and ghosts back then would stay alive so long as people remembered them and so long as they remembered themselves
Zaxen, Bottom Left. Kingdom Key
Styx, Bottom Right. Oath Keeper. Named after the river styx. If any god swore by the river styx then they could NEVER break that promise. They'd have to keep it no matter what or they would DIE

I'm gonna make a few more later...
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