Orpheus in the Underworld page 1 Picture

Here is the first page of my new project. I'm creating a visual narrative of Orpheus's journey to the underworld. I decided to experiment with the sepia tones and limited coloring for the first half of the story, so let me know how it works out. It's been a while since I last used graphite for drawing, so I'm a little rusty at using the values and tones, but I feel that the sepia did help mask some of my clumsy mistakes. I'll do better next time.
This page depicts the ferryman Charon, who guides the souls across the river Styx to the entrance of the underworld. He is a dark greedy creature, and will not allow you access to the ferry unless you pay him. If you could not afford to ride, you would be forced to wander the shores of the Styx for a thousand years, until you found the paupers entrance. This is the reason that the dead were often burred with gold coins placed in their eyes or mouths. I based Charon's design after a plague doctor's mask and a frail, bird-like body. I wanted to make him look darker, but the sepia tones made the design lighter than I planed.

drawn with pencil,
Colored on Gimp 2
The story of Orpheus belongs to Greek mythology, the design belongs to me.
parchment effect by ~Teeth-Man
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