SW: Kaku Shine Picture

So I've been playing a ton of Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors lately, between playing some PS3 games... A TON. Trust me on this.

So, I decided to make a character for the Sengoku era of Japanese history! *shot*

Seriously though, this is Kaku Shine (Shee-Naii I think is how you pronounce that.) Either way, he's a bit.. death obsessed.... to the point of calling himself "THE AVATAR OF DEATH!" and he has a very serious four is death theme going for him. His weapon is a pair of scythes that link for his Musou into a long Double Scythe staff, and his Level 5 staff represents the Japanese death avatar who uses oars to take the souls across the River Styx, and his Level 3 weapon has a pair of skulls with the blades protruding from the back. His Level 4 is a mythology gag, to be honest, of Kaku Epsilon wielding a similar supposedly more powerful snake themed double scythe staff until he realized how goofy it looked.

His top pose is losing, his left pose is victory and his right pose is the Game Over screen (at least for SW 1)
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