What Lies Beyond the Door Picture

The third Assignment in Studio. It's done in mostly watercolors, with some pen and ink. We had to take our two drawings from the second assignment, pick a part/idea that we liked about it, and make a propoganda piece. You can see part of the door to Hell, and the man is holding a ticket that, if you look closely, you can see is a one way ticket with a destination of hell. The sign beside the road exclaimed on how the road is paved with good intent, as per the quote that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Also, if you look closely at the ticket, you'll see that the transportation company to hell is called Charon Tours.......You know, like the boatman that ferries people across the River Styx? In Greek mythology? You know, skeleton guy, that you give the coin to in order to cross on the boat? Oh, come on, people! You don't know? Well, I never could understand why, if they were dead anyway, they couldn't walk or sim their asses across, instead of paying to be ferried across. It's not like they could drown, right?
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