Charon and Wai-Lee Picture

Two of my more interesting characters, at least in my opinion.

Charon is the guide to the river Styx in Greek Mythology. Charon (my version) is the decedent of the original guide (also named Charon) and does the job just as well. Charon is also the owner of a diner in the human world called Nonnie's Nommers, as well as the founder of the Scarf Club in the Underworld. A club, mind you, which has only two members.

Wai-Lee (red-head) is a weird mixed demon. One half is Yuki-Onna (snow woman) while the other is...I'm forgetting the name right now, but it's a split-mouthed demon that lives to devour people. Wai wears the scarf to cover the wide mouth, but without it, as long as hir mouth is closed, it's somewhat unnoticeable.

Now for the part that makes them so interesting; they're both "its" and by that I mean I'm not calling them an it or s/he or hir just as an attempt to conceal their gender. One has neither, the other has both. Which makes them kind of a bitch to write when it comes to pronouns, but fanfiction has gifted me with fitting ones.
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