Thank the Gods - 5 Picture

This is "page" five of my scroll dedicated to bathroom etiquette: Thank the Gods for Indoor Plumbing. It makes a lot more sense if you read it from the beginning as well as read the introduction in the first description!
Beginnings of the scroll

The text reads:
God of the Swirling Waters, a lesser cousin to that well-known Deity of the ocean, He helps to ensure that our waste is out of sight and out of mind. To Him we commission our deceased goldfish to lovingly ferry through the labyrinth of pipes to the river Styx. He also provides a fount of refreshment to our canine friends.

Number 1: Libations at the Porcelain Altar
Libations are fluids spilled to honor the Gods. They are a significant part of the rituals prescribed by the Potty Pantheon in order to show Them proper gratitude for Their gift of indoor plumbing. Messy libations are highly discouraged; libations shold be given in a calm, orderly fashion so that one's stream of liquid proceeds into the sacred bowl on target, minimizing splashes and splatters. However, if a disorderly libation cannot be avoided, it is imperitive to keep in mind one of the most holy axioms of the Potty Pantheon: if you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat. Males pouring their necessary libations should also be mindful to return the seat to its proper position upon the sacred bowl to avoid the wrath of females and Goddesses everywhere.

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Written, illustrated, and designed by Desiree Isphording. Copyright 2006.
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