The Boatman Charon Picture

Medium: Pencil, Pen, Brush & Ink

About This Drawing:
Though Charon's an imposing dark figure, he has to have some bling! I have gold nuggets along the folds of his cloak, which I rendered in scattered series of white dots. I first thought of gold coins but that'll just make him look like a pansy.

Do you like the oar & headgear? They're not just for show, they're weapons too! How else will he keep the more violent souls in check? See how there are bloody guts stuck onto those wicked horns?

Charon's kilt is made out of flesh & guts, the monsters were inspired from a scorpion's tail, the boat's in the shape of a coffin!

Finally, I tried to emulate Alex Niño's decorative inking style but I'm not sure if I was successful in the attempt!

About The Subject:
If you know your Mythology, you'd know CHARON or KHARON. He's Hell's ferryman, which is an important but boring job. Fortunately (or Unfortanely), Charon finds ways to make his job entertaining.

Charon charges a gold coin each for every soul he takes to the "other side" across the river Styx, which divides the world of the living from the world of the dead. He likes gold so much, he's willing to damn or un-damn souls for them, his most interesting trait.

Classically, penniless souls wander the shores for a hundred years. But that's just boring. So, I imagined Charon throws them into a writhin riva o' death to be devoured by murderous monsters that lie in wait for their next meal!
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