Charon Picture

so here's a quick sketch i did of charon. who he is?
well, (*goes to wikipedia, copies, pastes ) In Greek mythology, Charon or Kharon (pronounced /ˈkɛrɒn/, /ˈkɛrən/; Greek Χάρων) is the ferryman of Hades who carries souls of the newly deceased across the rivers Styx and Acheron that divided the world of the living from the world of the dead. A coin to pay Charon for passage, usually an obolus or danake, was sometimes placed in or on the mouth of a dead person.[1] Some authors say that those who could not pay the fee, or those whose bodies were left unburied, had to wander the shores for one hundred years.

so i just did this to practice some volumens and illumination.

hope you like it.

(btw, photoshop, 1,5 hours), no refs or descriptions while painting this one.


oh, and since i won a small contest dA was running, now i have a 3 months membership, so i'm gonna put a thumbnail here.
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