Onna Picture

The princess of the spirits, and Jonathan's fiance! She looks a lot different than I imagined her. This is sort of her pending appearance. I might change it later.

She goes by the name Onna, but she's also known as Kuchisake Onna.
And yes, I know that means she goes by 'woman'.

Altered the mythology for this character a bit- she was engaged to a samurai man, but he left for his work, saying he'd be back in a few weeks. He was gone for a year or two, and she fell in love with another man. When her fiance came back and found she was cheating on him, in a rage he flew on the two of them and cut them to pieces, asking "Does this make you feel beautiful?! Do you think you're so pretty now, you whore?!"
Onna's rage manifested itself after she died, and this is largely what is left of her spirit.

She looks normal most of the time- she's using her maimed appearance just to scare you.
Beware, she's a bit of a man hater.

While she may have the body of some sort of model, you best be careful what your answer to her question is. If you say no, she'll kill you. If you say yes she'll either cut your throat to look like hers, or she'll hand you a bloody ruby.
To get away with your life, it's best to confuse her by asking her "Am I pretty?" right back, or by saying she's average.

Onna is mine!
The mythology belongs to the legend.
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