Narcissus Picture


The story

Narcissus was a very handsome, talented, young guy. All the girls had a crush on him. But he was also very arrogant. No one was good enough for him. He even said that Venus (the goddess of love) couldn't get him. One day, when he was very rude again to one of his admirors, Venus had enough of it. She cursed him. And when he was hunting in the wood and wanted to rest near the Styx, he saw a beautiful person in the water. He wanted to kiss him, to hug him, but everytime he touched the water he ran away. It hurted him so much that he couldn't be with his love. He sat there for days, he didn't eat, didn't sleep. All he could think about was his love. One day, he died. And all what left from him, was a flower.

So this is how the flower 'Narcis', got his name. (Although I'm not sure if it's called the same in English) And when somebody is very arrogant and selfish, we call him a 'narcist'.

The drawing

I wanted to draw the moment where Narcissus dies and truns into a flower. It's a bit weird and I don't know if you could make it from the drawing, but I hope you'll see it now.

I did use a refference for the horse this time
*kittykitty5150 [link]

Ps; I'm not sure in which category it belongs, because I did draw it, but I've used a brush (which I made myself) for the wood and I used some effects of photoshop for the water and the colours, so I'm not sure if it still belongs to the category drawings)

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