"Search for a Psychopomp:" Picture

"Search for a Psychopomp: the Need to be Relevant"

As individuals we are very much preoccupied by the conscious or unconscious need to mean something in a world that is ever changing, to what extent, we do not know. But the fulfillment of this need is made more complicated when it is manifested by the quest for material and economic accomplishments, or the fanatic search for validation of spiritual beliefs. This artwork is an attempt to examine/portray that obsessive preoccupation. “Psychopomp” is a Greek name for “soul guide” or just “guide.” This name applies to a collection of beings appearing in different religious beliefs, the angel Gabriel being one example. Greek mythology is represented by the boatman Charon, he who ferries the souls of the dead across the river Styx. The name is used in this artwork to describe the ones who guide us. We need them, they help us steer our lives to find the answers and to achieve our highest aspirations. Hand in hand with our “psychopomps” we confront everyday life with the sometimes subconscious effort to strive for relevance.

~Kurt Lluch~

Oil on Canvas, 183 x 183cm ( 6 x 6feet )

Finally finished this, took me 2 months( the fastest i've done this year). my largest wallbound painting so far..

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