Chocolate is good Picture

One day, my friend and I were doing some Greek mythology in English class when we thought up of this idea - what if the coins that Charon required from each soul were chocolate coins? So of course I had to draw it. Initially I wanted to draw an extra slide of him eating a coin, but I couldn't do it. [Yes, I'm a noob.] I decided to submit this to the school newspaper as I have to give in something, deadline today.

Anyway, Charon's on the left and some poor soul is sitting behind, weirded out by the coin-shaped chocolate on the bottom of the boat. He/she had to go back and get a chocolate coin before Charon let him/her get on. xD;

I'm not too pleased with the foggish mountains but I assumed that it's like that around the River Styx. After all it must be full of souls stranded on the banks. I love how the sea turned out. Go blending. And I signed the piece in Japanese because my name is Japanese. No I am not a Japanophile. Whee.

Time: [God knows how long it took me to fix this up]
Tools: Black pen, Painter 9, PS7
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