Silent Lucidity Picture

... There’s a place I like to hide
A doorway that I run to in the night…

I guess this photo fills in a gap in *KirlianCamera’s visual diary of our holiday in The Northern part of Greece. Yes, this is the sunset of Day One at river Ardas .

The reason I love this photo is mainly because it seemed to have a will of its own and it found a way to impose it on me. My plans when I first came across this scene were very different from the final result you see and very different from my usual submissions. For some reason what came to my mind was the River Styx (for those of you not familiar with Greek mythology the River Styx was a river which formed the boundary between Earth and the Underworld. Styx was guarded by a ferryman (Charon), who passed the souls from one side to another of the river). So, what I had in mind was a really dark photo, in black and white, soft and misty and blurry and definitely not to be submitted here! Well, once I saw what came out after the 80secs exposure had finished I forgot all about my original plan. I didn’t even dare touch the white balance settings afraid I might lose this hue.

No post processing except some levels adjustment.

Hope you enjoy your visit here!

Location: Ardas river, Greece

tech stuff

Nikon D300
Tokina 12-24 @ 12
ISO 200
S: 80 sec

Lee 3 stop soft grad ND (0.9)
B+W 77E 110 (10 stop ND)

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